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Артист: Watch Me Fall
Наименование песни: Winter Within
Длительность песни: 05:16
Дата добавления: 2015-04-09
Текст просмотрели: 259

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Текст песни

Another daybreak, naked and freezing inside
Cobalt blue flame burns in empty, tired, jaded eyes

Slowly morning sun lights the fire burning again
And horizon drops with poison rd as blood of time
Walking down the street- a trail stained by other bastard- Sons
Mother-Earth turns a blind eye, I choose my path again

This season we called winter has abandoned me
Filth flows on ground, the river runs with ease
Same war is lost every day, depression claims it's ground
Town swarm with people, could I be more alone?

No!!! Wind whips these walls of stone
Time is still as she is gone
Long days of winter drawn in line
Only a trace of waste I try to leave behind

Cold sky lies shattered and all the fractures fall on me
Body roams alone as mind is wandering north
Heavy clouds hang low just to keep me company
A burden I don't want to bear, yearning season's here

Shadows call me again...

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