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Артист: The Lonely Island
Наименование песни: Dick In A Box (feat. Justin Timberlake)
Длительность песни: 02:41
Дата добавления: 2015-05-12
Текст просмотрели: 283

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Текст песни

Hey girl, I got somethin' real important to give you, so just sit down and listen

Girl you know we've been together such a long, long time
(such a long time)
And now I'm ready to lay it on the line
(Wooow) You know it's Christmas and my heart is open wide
(open wide)
Gonna give you something so you know what's on my mind
(what's on my mind)
A gift real special, so take off the top
Take a look inside - it's my dick in a box (it's in a box)

Not gonna get you a diamond ring
That sort of gift don't mean anything
Not gonna get you a fancy car
Girl ya gotta know you're my shining star
Not gonna get you a house in the hills
A girl like you needs somethin' real
Wanna get you somethin' from the heart
Somethin' special girl
It's my dick in a box, my dick in a box babe
It's my dick in a box, my dick in a box girl

See I'm wise enough to know when a gift needs givin' (girl)
And I got just the one, somethin' to show ya that you are second to none

To all the fellas out there with ladies to impress
It's easy to do just follow these steps
1: Cut a hole in a box
2: Put your junk in that box
3: Make her open the box
And that's the way you do it
It's my dick in a box... my dick in a box babe
It's my dick in a box, my dick in a box girl

Christmas; dick in a box
Hanukkah; dick in a box
Kwanzaa; a dick in a box
Every single holiday a dick in a box
Over at your parents' house a dick in a box
Mid day at the grocery store a dick in a box
Backstage at the CMA's a dick in a box
A dick in a box, a dick in a box, a dick in a box

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