one direction best friends

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Артист: One Direction
Наименование песни: Best Friends
Длительность песни: 03:49
Дата добавления: 2016-04-11
Текст просмотрели: 1500

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Текст песни

Best friends, best friends till the day we die
Three thousand miles apart, damn I miss you by my side
It feels like yesterday you were right next to me
But now we only talk on Facebook and texting
Remember the times times times making videos
You'd always steal my girl, but I forgive you bro
I'll reminisce on all the shit we got into
You always got my back, and I always got you

Laughing so damn hard
Why'd I move so far
All these times we had
I want them all back

Where ever you go just always remember
That I'll be back home and we'll be together
In the basement come by whenever
This is my oath to you
Cause Hollywood's always tryna change ya
And it's cold here in Pennsylvania
I promise I will never leave your side
I've got your oath and you've got mine

I hear you're back in Philly, uh oh, party time
You still obsessed with Miley? Come on she's like 9.
Man I missed you and that's no lie
You're the whipped cream and I'm the pumpkin pie
I've been at college working hard no videos
I can't believe Dave Days still doesn't know
Man it's been too long, but now we're back together
Chris C and DD, bigger than ever

Ohhh ohhh
We missed you here back home
Ohh ohh
This is my oath to you
Ohh ohh
I just thought that you should know
Ohh ohh
This is my oath to you

Double D what's up wit it
You back across the nation
So it's an obligation Imma have a bottle waiting
And now we drinking it no sips just swigs of it
Twisted spinning ridiculous living sick we invented this
It's time to stop getting hardcore with that cardboard
So we can party hard, get it jumping like parkour
Keep it alive ain't stopping til the night is over
Picking up women and rock they bodies like a sculpture

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