come on now

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Артист: Miss Amani
Наименование песни: Come On Now
Длительность песни: 03:48
Дата добавления: 2015-04-20
Текст просмотрели: 262

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Текст песни

I hear my favorite song, tell him let it play
Can you turn it up a little louder, Mister DJ
I feel the bass and the drums surgin' through my veins
Takin' every part of me
Can you hang, we'll see tonight

I feel a rush after he turns the music up
And then it's only just a matter of time
Before I lose control and I let my body go
See if you can keep up tonight

I'm up and I can't come down
Every time that I hear the sound
Of the people rockin' the crowd
Come on now, c-c-c-come on now
You make me feel alive
Energy is crazy tonight
Come on now, c-c-c-come on now

Party people!
Gon' rock the world (Rpt)

Let me know if I'm alone or do you feel it too
Cuz on the floor I feel a vibe comin' off of you
Got me doin' things that normally I would never do
With my body, music got me in the mood

I gotta do it, sweat is sexy when I'm movin'
And the music's takin' me for a ride
DJ, gimme more
I'm out on the floor
And I wanna see if you can keep up tonight


I see you, ladies
But why over there, come here and gather round
You been strikin' poses all night
Lemme go and get my Cannon now
Lookin' like a top model
Bring some friends cuz they brought more bottles
Smooth talkin' like a young Aristotle
Bring some help cuz I been goin' full throttle
Yeah and I just got one question
Are you ready for me
And if you are then tell me when you're ready to leave
You know what they say
Life's a book so let's flip the page
This could be our private show and
Watch your man go and rip the stage
Come on

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