dawn of winter

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Артист: Dawn Of Winter
Наименование песни: The Music Of Despair
Длительность песни: 07:09
Дата добавления: 2015-04-30
Текст просмотрели: 421

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Текст песни

In the loneliness of winter
When I seek penance for my sins
I call upon my fate for mercy
Oh let the king of diamonds win

When the lords of light are with me
I climb the stairs up to Ungol
When the angel witch she soothes me
I'm her witchfinder general

Doom is the soul of metal
Primordial and pure
Doom is the true essence of living
My cure

When my heart is filled with sorrow
And I wonder who I am
I put on some ancient Trouble
Some old Vitus

When my soul walks in the darkness
Or life's hopelessness again
Then I find solace
I find comfort
And I learn and understand

At the blessed pagan altar
He kneels the reverend bizarre
And he calls me and I follow
Into the doomed world of my heart

There is beauty in the mourning
So much truth and tenderness
Let me celebrate the sabbath so black
The rites of candlemass

There is wisdom in the slowness
In the rhythm is the magic
In the air
And I know I've found salvation
In the music of despair

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